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Ohio Players - Funk On Fire (The Mercury Anthology)   


  • A-1)   Skin Tight
  • A-2)   Jive Turkey
  • A-3)   Heaven Must Be Like This
  • A-4)   Fire
  • B-1)   Together
  • B-2)   I Want To Be Free
  • B-3)   It's All Over
  • B-4)   Piano Ballad (Just Right)
  • B-5)   Fopp
  • B-16)   Sweet Sticky Thing
  • C-1)   Love Rollercoaster
  • C-2)   Honey
  • C-3)   There It Is
  • C-4)   Happy Holidays, Pts. 1 & 2
  • D-1)   Who'd She Coo?
  • D-2)   Bi-Centennial
  • D-3)   Far East Mississippi
  • D-4)   Only A Child Can Love
  • D-5)   Angel
  • D-6)   O-H-I-O
  • E-1)   Body Vibes
  • E-2)   Alone (Live)
  • E-3)   Good Luck Charm
  • F-1)   Funk-O-Nots
  • F-2)   Time Slips Away
  • F-3)   Shady Lady
  • F-4)   Wonderful
  • F-5)   More Than Love

Track listing above is from 1995-Jan-01 | UK | Mercury - SVLP179 LP

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