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Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon   

Dark Side of the Moon is one of those iconic albums that never gets old. It broke Pink Floyd into the mainstream and stayed on the album charts for years. This mid-tempo masterpiece flows together as one piece and it features FM radio standards such as "Time" and "Money" as well as "Us and Them", "Breathe", "Brain Damage" among others. An album like this was made to be listened to on vinyl through headphones! Note: video above was made with a hopelessly dirty and scratched album... hopefully I'll make a new version with a clean copy!

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  • A1)   Speak To Me
  • A2)   Breathe
  • A3)   On The Run
  • A4)   Time
  • A5)   The Great Gig In The Sky
  • B1)   Money
  • B2)   Us And Them
  • B3)   Any Colour You Like
  • B4)   Brain Damage
  • B5)   Eclipse

Track listing above is from 1973-Jan-01 | UK | Harvest Records - SHVL 804 LP

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