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Pink Floyd - The Division Bell   

An embarrassing "trying-to-sound-like-Pink-Floyd" album from the Waters-less trio. Not recommended.


  • )   The Division Bell (Vinyl)
  • VINYL1-A1)   Cluster One
  • VINYL1-A2)   What Do You Want From Me
  • VINYL1-A3)   Poles Apart
  • VINYL1-B1)   Marooned
  • VINYL1-B2)   A Great Day For Freedom
  • VINYL1-B3)   Wearing The Inside Out
  • VINYL1-C1)   Take It Back
  • VINYL1-C2)   Coming Back To Life
  • VINYL1-C3)   Keep Talking
  • VINYL1-D1)   Lost For Words
  • VINYL1-D2)   High Hopes
  • )   Take It Back (7" Single)
  • VINYL2-A)   Take It Back (Edit)
  • VINYL2-B)   Astonomy Domine (Live)
  • )   High Hopes (7" Single)
  • VINYL3-A)   High Hopes (Radio Edit)
  • VINYL3-B)   Keep Talking (Radio Edit)
  • )   High Hopes With Keep Talking (12" Single)
  • VINYL4-A1)   High Hopes (Album Version)
  • VINYL4-A2)   Keep Talking (Album Version)
  • VINYL4-A3)   One Of These Days (Live)
  • )   The Division Bell (CD)
  • CD-1)   Cluster One
  • CD-2)   What Do You Want From Me
  • CD-3)   Poles Apart
  • CD-4)   Marooned
  • CD-5)   A Great Day For Freedom
  • CD-6)   Wearing The Inside Out
  • CD-7)   Take It Back
  • CD-8)   Coming Back To Life
  • CD-9)   Keep Talking
  • CD-10)   Lost For Words
  • CD-11)   High Hopes

Track listing above is from 2014-Jun-27 | UK & Europe | Parlophone - 0825646293261 LP

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