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Radiohead - The Bends   

I was sure that Radiohead was a one-hit-wonder after their debut smash single "Creep" and the okay album Pablo Honey. But when The Bends came out, it was clear that Radiohead were artists and they had something to say. Many years later this album is definitely one of the best albums of the 90's, if not of all time.Known for the title track and "Fake Plastic Trees", the entire album is awesome.


  • A1)   Planet Telex
  • A2)   The Bends
  • A3)   High And Dry
  • A4)   Fake Plastic Trees
  • A5)   Bones
  • A6)   (Nice Dream)
  • B1)   Just
  • B2)   My Iron Lung
  • B3)   Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was
  • B4)   Black Star
  • B5)   Sulk
  • B6)   Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Track listing above is from UK | Parlophone - PCS 7372 LP

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