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Van Morrison - Blowin' Your Mind   

After a young Van Morrison left his Belfast R&B-pop band Them following a couple of U.K. hits in "Gloria" and "Here Comes the Night," American producer-songwriter Bert Berns brought him to New York for 48 hours in early 1967 to record the tracks that would become Blowin' Your Mind! Berns died shortly thereafter, but the tracks he cut included the song that launched Morrison's solo career--the U.S. top 10 hit "Brown Eyed Girl." Most of these songs have been released on early Morrison compilations, including some on this same label. But this is the original album (plus alternate takes) in its original format with the great psychedelic artwork, and it contains some youthful vocal magic on the soul standard "He Ain't Give You None," the stark and graphic "TB Sheets," and the strange and wonderful "Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)." This was undoubtedly Morrison's first period of transition. After the release of Blowin' Your Mind! he moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to work on his next album, the landm


  • A1)   Brown Eyed Girl
  • A2)   He Ain't Give You None
  • A3)   T.B. Sheets
  • B1)   Spanish Rose
  • B2)   Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
  • B3)   Ro Ro Rosey
  • B4)   Who Drove The Red Sports Car
  • B5)   Midnight Special

Track listing above is from 2007-Jan-01 | US | Sundazed Music - LP 5214 LP

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