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Van Morrison - It's Too Late To Stop Now   

It's Too Late to Stop Now is a live album by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison, released in 1974 . Frequently named as one of the best live albums ever recorded, It's Too Late to Stop Now was recorded during what has often been said to be Morrison's greatest phase as a live performer.

With his eleven piece band, The Caledonia Soul Orchestra, which included a horn and string section, Morrison went one of his most diligent tours in years that has often been referred to as his live performing peak. The performances on the live album were from tapes made at the beginning of the tour in Los Angeles and also in London and Santa Monica. The London concerts were the first time he had appeared in that city since performing with Them, six years earlier. The London Rainbow concert was the first BBC simulcast in 1974 being broadcast simultaneously on BBC 2 television and Radio 2 stereo so that viewers with strategically sited loudspeakers could enjoy "stereo TV". Morrison said about touring during this time period:

I am getting more into performing. It's incredible. When I played Carnegie Hall in the fall something just happened. All of a sudden I felt like 'you're back into performing' and it just happened like that...A lot of times in the past I've done gigs and it was rough to get through them. But now the combination seems to be right and it's been clicking a lot.
During the ending of the over ten minute long dynamic performance of "Cyprus Avenue" an audience member shouts out, "Turn it on!" and Morrison good-naturedly replies, "It's turned on already." At the very end he finished the concert with a final heartfelt, "It's too late to stop now!" giving the album its title. The concerts at the Rainbow in London were referred to as "the rock event of the year" by critcs according to Ritchie Yorke in his biography. Marco Bario who attended the Troubadour concert said in Playgirl: "he was exceptional. The mood was right, the audience was receptive, and the music left no comparisons to be made. It was the finest opening night performance by a consummate musician that I have ever witnessed.


  • A1)   Ain't Nothin' You Can Do
  • A2)   Warm Love
  • A3)   Into The Mystic
  • A4)   These Dreams Of You
  • A5)   I Believe To My Soul
  • B1)   I've Been Working
  • B2)   Help Me
  • B3)   Wild Children
  • B4)   Domino
  • B5)   I Just Wanna Make Love To You
  • C1)   Bring It On Home To Me
  • C2)   Saint Dominic's Preview
  • C3)   Take Your Hand Out Of My Pocket
  • C4)   Listen To The Lion
  • D1)   Here Comes The Night
  • D2)   Gloria
  • D3)   Caravan
  • D4)   Cypress Avenue

Track listing above is from 1974-Jan-01 | UK | Warner Bros. Records - K86007 LP

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