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Van Morrison - Wavelength   

Wavelength, the tenth album by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison was released in the spring of 1978. The album has a different musical sound than his previous albums, leaning towards a pop sound with prominent electric guitars and synthesizers. Wavelength was Morrison's best selling album at the time of the original release. Mick Glossop, Bobby Tench and Peter Bardens were given special credit for Special Assistance in Production.


  • A1)   Kingdom Hall
  • A2)   Checkin' It Out
  • A3)   Natalia
  • A4)   Venice U.S.A.
  • A5)   Lifetimes
  • B1)   Wavelength
  • B2)   Santa Fe / Beautiful Obsession
  • B3)   Hungry For Your Love
  • B4)   Take It Where You Find It

Track listing above is from 1978-Jan-01 | US | Warner Bros. Records - BSK 3212 LP

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