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Vinyl Record Storage

Properly Storing Your Vinyl Records

If you do not take care of your records by storing them properly, they will get scratched, warped, dirty, moldy and other bad things. While vinyl plastic is virtually unbreakable, records still need to be taken care of. To keep records sounding great, proper storage and maintenance is of the utmost importance. Storing Your Vinyl Correctly If you do not store records correctly, your vinyl will get damaged by things like sunlight, heat, scratches, coffee spills (me=guilty), and food stains. First, unlike CDs, records must not be stored horizontally, as your LP is engraved on both sides and the weight of other records will exert undue pressure on the grooves that will distort the sound. Your records need to be stored straight up vertically, don't let them lean to one side which will cause them to warp. Make sure to leave a little bit of breathing space between them though, don't cram them together or the pressure on the vinyl will make it sound distorted when played. The IKEA line of Expedit Shelves work great for storing your records vertically (if you go with these shelves you may want to cut a couple strips boards and nail them to the back of each row of records to prevent the records from sliding too far out the back). Secondly, when storing your records, you must keep your records in clean sleeves. If your sleeves are old or dirty or ripped or brittle... replace them! Feel free to keep the old sleeves if they have artwork and/or lyrics on them, but do not store your records in those old sleeves. Third, correct vinyl record storage requires that you have your LPs stored away from any source of heat. Whether that be a furnace vent, direct sunlight, or a hot attic. Finally, keep your records dry. Dampness affect vinyl negatively by the formation of mold when in storage. Your LPs jacket will absorb moisture and in turn it will have an effect on the quality of your records. As the proud owner of beautiful LPs and singles you would surely want the best quality out of your beloved collection. By properly storing your vinyl records, it will allow you to lengthen the life of your LPs and help to preserve that warm sound that you can only get from vinyl!