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A+ Vinyl

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The Latch-Key Child by A+

Hempstead High by A+

Young rappers have always been regarded with a cautious eye. Sure, rap has always been the music of urban youth, and to hear a dope underage MC rip the mic is always a joy. But when a young mic wielde ... read more

All I See (Remix) by A+

Enjoy Yourself by A+

Enjoy Yourself by A+

Enjoy Yourself / Up Top New York by A+

Party Joint by A+

It's On You / Watcha Weigh Me by A+

All I See by A+

All I See by A+

She Don't Love You / Gotta Have It by A+

Bet She Don't Love You by A+

Up Top NY / Boyz 2 Men by A+

Format Unknown
A+Z by A+

2007 release from the Boston-based weirdos, actually a collective of like-minded musical 'freaks' under the direction of John Molony and Rob Thomas (both former members of Shit Spangled Banner. Ecsta ... read more

LP's (2)     12-inch's (11)