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AFI Vinyl

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Black Sails In The Sunset by AFI

1999 release on Nitro for this raw and powerful East Bay hardcore punk band. 12 tracks including 'Strength Through Wounding', 'Exsanguination', 'Clove Smoke Catharsis', 'God Called In Sick Today' ... read more

Answer That And Stay Fashionable by AFI

The Art Of Drowning by AFI

Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes by AFI

'Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes' is A.F.I's 1997 album on Nitro Records. This release has 14 tracks, including 'Keeping Out Of Direct Sunlight', 'Three Reasons' and 'A Single Second' read more

Very Proud Of Ya by AFI

This album is A.F.I.'s 1st release on Nitro Records and is packed full of melodic hardcore. 20 tracks. read more

AFI (The Blood Album) by AFI

Decemberunderground by AFI

Two UK Bonus Tracks, One is a Cover of Nin's 'head Like a Hole'."Decemberunderground" Is the Sound of a Band in Full Stride. The Album Opens with a Trademark Afi Intro that Sounds Like it Could have B ... read more

Burials by AFI

An Essential Retrospective Of AFI's Nitro Years by AFI

Very Pround Of Ya by AFI

Crash Love by AFI

Sing The Sorrow by AFI

Their debut album from Dreamworks includes two bonus tracks: "Now The World" and "Synthesthesia". read more

AFI Box Set by AFI

Fly In The Ointment by AFI

A Fire Inside EP by AFI

Eddie Picnic’s All Wet by AFI

Dork by AFI

Behind The Times by AFI

Behind The Times E.P. by AFI

All Hallow's E.P. by AFI

Girl's Not Grey by AFI

Bombing The Bay! by AFI

Dork / Stick Around by AFI

Love Like Winter by AFI

A Fire Inside by AFI

AFI / Heckle Split by AFI

AFI / Heckle by AFI

Medicate: Vinyl One by AFI

Beautiful Thieves by AFI

Decemberunderground by AFI

Miss Murder by AFI

The Leaving Song Pt. II by AFI

Miss Murder by AFI

Medicate by AFI

Miss Murder (Remixes) by AFI

All Hallow's E.P. by AFI

Now The World/Reivers Music by AFI

Format Unknown
The Lost Souls by AFI

Self Pity/Demonomania by AFI

Rizzo In The Box by AFI

My Michele by AFI

Dancing Through Sunday by AFI

Halloween by AFI

Porphyria Cutanea Tarda by AFI

PH Low by AFI

Synesthesia by AFI

No Dave Party by AFI

NyQuil by AFI

Crop Tub by AFI

Bleed Black Part 2 by AFI

The Nitro Years by AFI

LP's (13)     7-inch's (21)     12-inch's (1)     10-inch's (2)