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AIR Vinyl

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The Virgin Suicides by AIR

Moon Safari by AIR

Premiers Symptômes by AIR

10,000 Hz Legend by AIR

Talkie Walkie by AIR

Pocket Symphony by AIR

Some bands like to thwart expectations, and Air is one of them. "Spacemaker," the opening of Pocket Symphony, sounds like a cousin to their instrumental retro-lounge "La Femme D'Argent" from 1998's Mo ... read more

Love 2 by AIR

Twentyears by AIR

Le Voyage Dans La Lune by AIR

Music For Museum by AIR

Talkie Walkie / The Virgin Suicides by AIR

City Reading by AIR

Everybody Hertz. by AIR

LateNightTales by AIR

Playground Love by AIR

Sexy Boy by AIR

Kelly Watch The Stars by AIR

Surfing On A Rocket by AIR

Radio #1 by AIR

Cherry Blossom Girl by AIR

Surfing On A Rocket by AIR

Exclusive U.S. only release featuring a previously unreleased studio track! Two of the most dancefloor friendly tracks on Air's massively acclaimed album "Talkie Walkie" get several amazing new interp ... read more

Sexy Boy by AIR

Stüpa by Aïr

How Does It Make You Feel? by AIR

Alpha Beta Gaga by AIR

Le Soleil Est Près De Moi by AIR

Casanova 70 by Air

Don't Be Light by AIR

All I Need by AIR

Modulor Mix by AIR

Sexy Boy Remixes by AIR

All I Need Remixes 2001 by Air

Mer Du Japon by AIR

People In The City by AIR

Sexy Boy (Deep Dish Remixes) by AIR

Remixes by AIR

La Femme D'Argent by AIR

Talkie Walkie EP by AIR

Don't Be Light (Remixes) (Promotional version) by AIR

Land Me by AIR

Sexy Boy (The House Remixes) by AIR

Don't Be Light (Remixes) by AIR

Ash Sync by Air

Format Unknown
Once Upon A Time by AIR

Playground Love by AIR

LP's (14)     7-inch's (10)     12-inch's (18)     10-inch's (1)