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Add N To (X) Vinyl

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Loud Like Nature by Add N To (X)

On The Wires Of Our Nerves by Add N To (X)

Add Insult To Injury by Add N To (X)

Plug Me In by Add N To (X)

Revenge Of The Black Regent by Add N To (X)

Slut Smalls 8 by Add N To (X)

Vero Electronics by Add N To (X)

Metal Fingers In My Body by Add N To (X)

Avant Hard by Add N To (X)

Add N to (X)'s three-analog-synths-plus-live-drummer lineup returns for a sophomore go, handily consolidating the ideas that made 1998's debut so intriguing. With Avant Hard they're more precisely con ... read more

Take Me To Your Leader by Add N To (X)

Taken from the British electronica act's 2002 album, The King Of Notting Hill. Tracks, 'Take Me To Your Leader' (Single Edit), 'The Monkey Skirt Marters', 'The Trees Are Dreamless Leafless Genius' ... read more

King Wasp / Hit Me by Add N To (X)

Little Black Rocks In The Sun by Add N To (X)

Little Black Rocks In The Sun by Add N To (X)

The Black Regent / Murmur One by Add N To (X)

Demon Seed / Asthma by Add N To (X)

The Poker Roll by Add N To (X)

LP's (3)     7-inch's (3)     12-inch's (10)