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Aeoliah Vinyl

LP's (4)    

Angel Love by Aeoliah

Angel Love was conceived primarily as a musical offering to help us attune to the healing energies and harmonious emotions of the angelic kingdom. The peaceful vibrations of this music will help to re ... read more

The Light Of Tao - Universal Planetary Music by Aeoliah

Inner Sanctum by Aeoliah

Devotional offering to the angelic realms combines Erik's sensitive harp compositions with the rich synthesizer orchestration of Aeoliah. Sweet and innocent sounds on harp, cello and flute. read more

Majesty by Aeoliah

This highly inspired devotional and spiritual music was created for personal transformation, meditation, new age healing centres, and places of worship. The pieces on this recording evoke the majestic ... read more

LP's (4)