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Allroy Saves by All

Third LP from So Cal pop-punkers ALL featuring "Just Like Them," "Educated Idiot" and "Frog." read more

Trailblazer by ALL

Allroy's Revenge by ALL

Problematic by ALL

Just as every punk bank should send a royalty check the Ramones' way, so should every power-pop punk band send "respect" money to All. Formed in the late 1980s from the ashes of the Descendents after ... read more

Mass Nerder by ALL

Percolater by ALL

Pummel by ALL

It doesn't matter what year it is or whether this band calls itself All or the Descendents (a previous incarnation with a different singer); they'll still make the same record, year after year. And th ... read more

Allroy Sez ..... by ALL

Breaking Things by ALL

Just Perfect by ALL

ALL / Judge Nothing by ALL

Million Bucks / Who Is Next by All

She's My Ex / Crazy? by ALL

Just Perfect (Remix) / Wishing Well by ALL

Allroy For Prez by ALL

She's My Ex / Crazy? by ALL

Shreen by All

Guilty by ALL

Dot by ALL

LP's (9)     7-inch's (3)     12-inch's (4)     10-inch's (3)