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Aloha Vinyl

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Here Comes Everyone by Aloha

Aloha adds the orchestral pop of the late '60s and the post-prog rock of the '80s to its big thinking, rhythm-rich repertoire. Longtime fans will find a dreamy, layered soundscape to get lost in, and ... read more

Little Windows Cut Right Through by Aloha

Sugar by Aloha

Home Acres by Aloha

That's Your Fire by Aloha

Some Echoes by Aloha

Boys In The Bathtub by Aloha

Aloha by Aloha

Light Works by Aloha

Aloha's most gorgeous, ambitious, and fully realized songs on a 30-minute long mini-album. Richly detailed, moody, intensely rhythmic, and flowing with melody. Aloha multi-instrumentalist and studio w ... read more

The Great Communicators, The Interpreters, The Nonbelievers by Aloha

LP's (6)     7-inch's (2)     12-inch's (2)