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Amos Lee Vinyl

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Amos Lee by Amos Lee

Though Amos Lee's music is frequently described as a fusion of folk and soul, such an equation fails to reflect the singular artistry of this impressive debut. Like labelmate Norah Jones (who guests o ... read more

Mountains Of Sorrow, Rivers Of Song by Amos Lee

Supply And Demand by Amos Lee

Born to be mild? Amos Lee's sophomore effort for Blue Note follows firmly in the gentle guitar strums of his well-received 2005 debut and opening slots for Norah Jones and Bob Dylan. Little has chang ... read more

Mission Bell by Amos Lee

Spirit by Amos Lee

Live At Red Rocks With The Colorado Symphony by Amos Lee

Mission Bell (Advance) by Amos Lee

Last Days At The Lodge by Amos Lee

Last Days at the Lodge is Lee's third record, following his first two critically-acclaimed and tremendously successful records, Supply and Demand (2006) and his 2005 self-titled debut. This 2008 recor ... read more

Live At Grimey's by Amos Lee

Angel by Amos Lee

As The Crow Flies by Amos Lee

LP's (8)     7-inch's (2)     10-inch's (1)