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Andrew Bird Vinyl

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Are You Serious by Andrew Bird

The Mysterious Production Of Eggs by Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird is a previously unimaginable combination of songwriter, violinist, guitarist, vocalist and whistler. His unfailingly unique and striking music has been dumbfounding us for years. Bird's fi ... read more

Break It Yourself by Andrew Bird

Armchair Apocrypha by Andrew Bird

Strip away the music of an Andrew Bird song, and you're left with brilliant prose ("across the great chasms and schisms and the sudden aneurysms"), vignettes about mentally fending off plane crashes, ... read more

Useless Creatures by Andrew Bird

Weather Systems by Andrew Bird

Hands Of Glory by Andrew Bird

Good People Rock by Andrew Bird

Things Are Really Great Here...Sort Of by Andrew Bird

Norman by Andrew Bird

I Want To See Pulaski At Night by Andrew Bird

The Crown Salesman by Andrew Bird

Anonanimal B/W See The Enemy by Andrew Bird

The Privateers/I Got Lost by Andrew Bird

The Crown Salesman by Andrew Bird

Noble Beast by Andrew Bird

2009 release from the quirky but melodic singer/songwriter. Swiftly picking up popularity with his fifth album The Mysterious Production of Eggs, Andrew Bird then signed with Fat Possum Records for hi ... read more

Armchair Apocypha by Andrew Bird

LP's (10)     EP's (1)     7-inch's (4)     12-inch's (2)