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Anti-Flag Vinyl

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American Spring by Anti-Flag

American Fall by Anti-Flag

The General Strike by Anti-Flag

A New Kind Of Army by Anti-Flag

The Bright Lights Of America by Anti-Flag

Legendary political punks release their finest politically and socially charged album to date. Politico-punk icons Anti-Flag return in 2008 with the Bright Lights Of America, their seventh album to da ... read more

Die For The Government by Anti-Flag

Anti-Flag tosses up the kind of vintage, early-'80s, So-Cal, melodic punk that B.Y.O., Frontier, Posh Boy, and other labels specialized in, and a ska song is welcome. New Red Archives. read more

Live-Volume One by Anti-Flag

The People Or The Gun by Anti-Flag

A Document Of Dissent by Anti-Flag

The Terror State by Anti-Flag

Mobilize by Anti-Flag

Anti-Flag's newest full-length since selling 75,000+ in ten months of their fourth album Underground Network on Fat Wreck Chords. Special because it features 8 new studio tracks including '9-1-1 for ... read more

For Blood And Empire by Anti-Flag

Anti-Flag delivers its own State of the Union with 39 minutes of spunk rock that preaches, teaches and leaves the listener thinking that maybe if high school civics classes were this much fun we might ... read more

Underground Network by Anti-Flag

The 13 songs on this album are a call out for unity, an attempt to put a stop to mindless nationalism and educate the punk rock masses! All the sing along choruses that Anti-Flag have become known ... read more

Live Acoustic At 11th Street Records by Anti-Flag

Cease Fires by Anti-Flag

Anti-Flag + Hostage Calm by Anti-Flag

Rock'n With Father Mike by Anti-Flag

Toast To Freedom by Anti-Flag

The Second Coming Of Nothing by Anti-Flag

Split 7" by Anti-Flag

Bacon by Anti-Flag

Emigre by Anti-Flag

Kill Kill Kill by Anti-Flag

20 Years Of Hell: Vol. IV by Anti-Flag

The Bright Lights Of America by Anti-Flag

20 Years Of Hell: Vol. V by Anti-Flag

20 Years Of Hell: Vol. VI by Anti-Flag

20 Years Of Hell: Vol. III by Anti-Flag

20 Years Of Hell: Vol. 1 by Anti-Flag

God And Country by Anti-Flag

Anti-Flag Feat. Emily, Rentokill, Clint by Anti-Flag

20 Years Of Hell: Vol. II by Anti-Flag

I'd Rather Be In Japan!!! by Anti-Flag

Their System Doesn't Work For You by Anti-Flag

Complete Control Recording Sessions by Anti-Flag

Sky Is Falling by Anti-Flag

American Attraction by Anti-Flag

LP's (15)     7-inch's (18)     12-inch's (1)     10-inch's (3)