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Avail Vinyl

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Over The James by Avail

The raw energy of their legendary live show is finally conveyed on this thunderously pristine recording. With a more mature take on songwriting and probably Tim Barry's most personal lyrics to date, t ... read more

4AM Friday by Avail

The sound of Avail hitting their stride. The collection of sing-along anthems for the everyman solidified their place as the kings of the Southern punk underground. This re-issue of the 1996 classic i ... read more

Dixie by Avail

The classic 1994 album from Richmond, VA's punk-rock legends is back in print and better than ever. The original twelve tracks have been re-mastered and beefed up by the addition of eleven bonus track ... read more

Satiate by Avail

Front Porch Stories by Avail

One Wrench by Avail

4 Am Friday by Avail

Who's To Say What Stays The Same by Avail

Attempt To Regress by Avail

The Fall Of Richmond by Avail

Live At The King's Head Inn by Avail

LP's (7)     7-inch's (3)     10-inch's (1)