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Ayatollah Vinyl

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Ayatollah Presents: Colossus by Ayatollah

B.C.B. 4 by Ayatollah

Now Playing by Ayatollah

The long awaited debut LP for this mega-producer, who's blessed the production wheels for stars like G-Unit, Ghostface, Mos Def, Rakim, Black Rob, and the list goes on. "Now Playing" is a 13 song coll ... read more

So Many Reasons To Rhyme by Ayatollah

Personal Legend Volume 1 by Ayatollah

I Just Love Music / The Love by Ayatollah

All Massive by Ayatollah

A Cold Feeling Feat. Rakim by Ayatollah

Format Unknown
Fingertips by Ayatollah

LP's (5)     7-inch's (1)     12-inch's (2)