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Badawi Vinyl

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Bedouin Sound Clash by Badawi

Jerusalem Under Fire by Badawi

Clones & False Prophets by Badawi

Clones and False Prophets is the latest chapter in the Myth of Badawi, which now spans 8 years and 5 albums, but anyone who has listened to Badawi's music know that it reaches far beyond its years. L ... read more

The Heretic of Ether by Badawi

A crucial part of Manhattan's "illbient" scene, Raz Mesinai--a.k.a. Badawi the Bedouin--is known as one half of the duo Sub Dub, whose dark soundscapes, heavy beats, and turntable moves echo kindred s ... read more

Soldier Of Midian by Badawi

Although we loved Raz's first two records with ROIR, this is by far his finest record to date (as Badawi or under any other moniker). On “Soldier Of Midian” Raz samples his own live playing ... read more

Unit Of Resistance by Badawi

Lost Highway / In The Lady Room by Badawi

Index ¹⁻¹ by Badawi

Final Warning by Badawi

The Axiom by Badawi

No Schnitzel by Badawi

Den Of Drumz by Badawi

LP's (6)     7-inch's (1)     12-inch's (5)