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Bathory Vinyl

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Bathory by Bathory

Hammerheart by Bathory

Under The Sign Of The Black Mark by Bathory

Blood Fire Death by Bathory

1988 release for Scandinavian black metal act. Eight tracks including, 'Odens Ride Over Nordland', 'A Fine Day To Die', 'The Golden Walls Of Heaven' & 'Pace 'Til Death'. read more

The Return by Bathory

1994 release for Scandinavian black metal act. 11 tracks including, 'Revelation of Doom', 'Total Destruction', 'Born for Burning', 'The Wind of Mayhem' & 'Bestial Lust'. read more

Twilight Of The Gods by Bathory

Heavy influenced by Wagner & Germanic mythology, no wonder this album from 1991 sounds as if the very twilight of all was imminent. Multi-facetted arrangements & a sound so big it could crumble mou ... read more

Blood On Ice by Bathory

Requiem by Bathory

A request by fans of the more brutal side of Bathory brought about this death obsessed 1994 album. Every track on this skull & bones encrusted release deals with death of one sort or another. The pure ... read more

In Memory Of Quorthon by Bathory

Nordland I-II by Bathory

Octagon by Bathory

Bathory's rediscovered love for power & brutality continued onto this album from 1995. A first in that it deals with modern topics. It's a crossover styled release offering a brutal yet clean cut of ... read more

Jubileum Volume I by Bathory

Nordland II by Bathory

2003 album from the Scandinavian metal band based on Norse mythology. Black Mark. read more

Destroyer Of Worlds by Bathory

Influential black metal act's 13th album conceived by the mysterious Quorthon. 2001. read more

Nordland I by Bathory

The Vinyl Box - In Memory Of Quorthon by Bathory

Jubileum Volume II by Bathory

Jubileum Volume III by Bathory

True Black Essence/History by Bathory

The Black Mark by Bathory

Bloodbath by Bathory

Picture Disc Collection by BATHORY

In Memory Of Quorthon - 1966-2004 by Bathory

Die In Fire by Bathory

Epicus Dominius Satanikus by Bathory

Bathory / Hellhammer by Bathory

The Father Of All by Bathory

Hail Sathanas by Bathory

Raise The Dead by Bathory

LP's (26)     7-inch's (3)