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Beaver & Krause Vinyl

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The Nonesuch Guide To Electronic Music by Beaver & Krause

System Requirements:We ve put out a number of unusual albums on our Collectors Choice Music label but this one takes the cake. Conceived by Bernie Krause and Elektra label founder Jac Holzman on a pl ... read more

All Good Men by Beaver & Krause

1. A Real Slow Drag2. Legend Days Are Over3. Loves of Col. Evol4. Sweet William5. Bluebird Canyon Stomp6. Looking Back Now7. Prelude8. Child of the Morning Sun9. Between the Sun and the Rain10. All Go ... read more

Ragnarök Electronic Funk by Beaver & Krause

Ragnarök by Beaver & Krause

A Real Slow Drag by Beaver & Krause

People's Park / Salute To The Vanishing Bald Eagle by Beaver & Krause

Walkin' By The River by Beaver & Krause

LP's (4)     7-inch's (3)