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Bent Vinyl

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Programmed To Love by Bent

Though they've been compared to everyone from Air to Radiohead, Nottingham, England's Bent are mostly defined by their determination to sound like everyone. With that goal in mind, they've stuffed Pro ... read more

The Everlasting Blink by Bent

Nottingham's Bent are like the funny uncle of the chill-out world--scruffy, eccentric, often embarrassing, but lovable all the same. The Everlasting Blink, the duo's second album, is like a similarly ... read more

Actual Footage by Bent

The Handbrake / Leavin' Me by Bent

Godlike & Electric by Bent

Comin' Back by Bent

Magic Love by Bent

Stay The Same by Bent

Always by Bent

Flavour Country EP by Bent

I Love My Man by Bent

Always (2009 Remixes) by Bent

Swollen by Bent

To Be Loved by Bent

Reworked Volume One by Bent

This Is Bent! by Bent

EP2 by Bent

Music For Barbecues by Bent

Classic Remixes 1 by Bent

Go! Kommando EP by Bent

Classic Remixes 2 by Bent

Waiting For You by Bent

EP1 by Bent

Stay The Same (Planet Funk Remix) by Bent

Reworked Volume Two by Bent

LP's (2)     7-inch's (3)     12-inch's (20)