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Bilal Vinyl

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1st Born Second by Bilal

Riding in on a D'Angelo-spawned wave of shivery voodoo groove, 22-year-old Bilal Oliver tries to flip the neo-soul script on his long-awaited, oft-delayed debut. It's an ambitious effort, a collect ... read more

Love For Sale by Bilal

In Another Life by Bilal

Airtight’s Revenge by Bilal

Fast Lane by Bilal

Love It by Bilal

Fast Lane by Bilal

Soul Sista by Bilal

1st Born Second (Album Sampler) by Bilal

1st Born Second Sampler by Bilal

Fast Lane The Unofficial Rmx by Bilal

Soul Sista / Fast Lane Remixes by Bilal

LP's (4)     12-inch's (8)