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The Blow Vinyl

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The Blow by The Blow

Paper Television by The Blow

The Blow's songs are light enough to sail easily through the air, landing simultaneously on the turntable of a London DJ, in your mom's car stereo, and in the iPod of a middle schooler in study hall ... read more

The Concussive Caress, Or, Casey Caught Her Mom Singing Along With The Vacuum by The Blow

Alphabet Series K by The Blow

Parentheses by The Blow

Poor Aim: Love Songs by The Blow

Resilient electro-pop music. The songs are catchy as hell and rise to meet all the duo's snobby music standards. With sing-along-when-you-think-you're-alone types of refrains, it's as if the oldies ... read more

The Love That I Crave by The Blow

Bonus Album by The Blow

LP's (3)     7-inch's (2)     12-inch's (2)     10-inch's (1)