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Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter may not have been the most talented bands of the 70's but they were definitely one of the most fun. From their crazy live shows with blood and pyrotechnics to their (in my humble opinion) underrated great pop-rock songs, Kiss ruled the mid-to-late 70's. And you know how people listened to their records back then?... Yup, vinyl records! :)

Destroyer by Kiss

Probably Kiss's best studio album, Destroyer leads off with a news report of an accident and then someone blasting "Rock and Roll All Nite" in their car and then full force into one of their best song ... read more

Alive by Kiss

Classic 2 LP set. "Alright, I've got a little question for all of you. I wanna know, how many people here like to take a taste of alcohol?" So starts off Paul's banter before "Cold Gin" on Kiss Alive! ... read more

Dynasty by Kiss

Dynasty is a studio album by the American hard rock band Kiss. The album, and its subsequent tour, were billed as the "Return of Kiss." The band as a full unit had not released a studio album since 1 ... read more

Kiss by Kiss

Kiss's self-titled debut manages to simultaneously represent what rock & roll in the 1970s was all about, and stand up as a classic recording without sounding dated. That's a rare trick, even for Kiss ... read more

Hotter Than Hell by Kiss

Hotter Than Hell is the second album from the rock group Kiss. It was certified Gold on June 23, 1977, having sold 500,000 copies. Musically, Hotter Than Hell is darker than the band's first album. T ... read more

Dressed To Kill by Kiss

Rock And Roll Over by Kiss

As the follow-up to their unusually experimental Destroyer (nonetheless one of Kiss's best albums ever), Rock and Roll Over, released the same year, contains more conventional three-chord material. Th ... read more

Alive II by Kiss

Unmasked by Kiss

Unmasked is an album by the American band Kiss released in 1980. It is the group's 8th studio album. At the time it was the last studio album from the original lineup of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, A ... read more

Love Gun by Kiss

The last album with the original lineup (unless you count the 1998 reunion Psycho Circus), Love Gun contains a few missteps (such as the reworking of the classic "Then He Kissed Me") but is mostly pac ... read more

Creatures Of The Night by Kiss

Creatures of the Night is a 1982 album from U.S. hard rock/heavy metal band Kiss. It is the band's 10th studio album and the last for Casablanca Records, the only label the group had ever recorded fo ... read more

Lick It Up by Kiss

Lick It Up is an album by the U.S. hard rock/heavy metal band Kiss. On the day of the album's release, Kiss appeared on MTV without their trademark makeup. It was the first public appearance without m ... read more

Double Platinum by Kiss

This is the very first and the very best KISS compilation. This has all the classics from the classic lineup of Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter! There have been a thousand re-hashed greatest hits records fr ... read more

(Music From) The Elder by Kiss

Music from "The Elder" is a 1981 concept album released by the American hard rock band Kiss. It was an attempt on the part of the group to establish Kiss as credible artists, and also to reverse the ... read more

Animalize by Kiss

Animalize is an album by the American hard rock/heavy metal band Kiss. In a continuation of the commercial resurgence begun with Lick It Up, Animalize was certified platinum by the RIAA on December 12 ... read more

Asylum by Kiss

Asylum is an album by the American hard rock band Kiss. It features the debut of lead guitarist Bruce Kulick, who played with the band on their Animalize tour and officially replaced Mark St. John i ... read more

Crazy Nights by Kiss

Crazy Nights is the 14th album by American hard rock band Kiss. It was the fourth Kiss album in a row to achieve platinum status. The album peaked at #18 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart, [1] making ... read more

Killers by Kiss

1982 hits comp featuring 12 of their best up to that point, including 'Shout It Loud', 'Detroit Rock City', 'God Of Thunder', 'I Was Made For Lovin' You' and 'Rock And Roll AllNite' (Live). A Mercury ... read more

Smashes, Thrashes & Hits by Kiss

Smashes, Thrashes & Hits is a greatest hits album by the American hard rock band Kiss. It was the third hits album overall but the second such album released by the band in the United States (Killers ... read more

Hot In The Shade by Kiss

Hot in the Shade is the 15th studio album by Kiss. released in 1989. It was certified Gold on December 20, 1989 by the RIAA. It is the first Kiss studio album since 1981's Music from "The Elder" to fe ... read more

Peter Criss by Kiss

Revenge by Kiss

Revenge is the 16th studio album by Kiss, released in 1992. It was the band's first album after the death of long-time drummer Eric Carr in November 1991 and the first album with new drummer Eric Sing ... read more

Psycho Circus by Kiss

Alive III by Kiss

Gene Simmons by Kiss

Best Of Solo Albums by Kiss

Collection of tracks from the four solo albums released by the members of Kiss on September 18, 1978. read more

Sonic Boom by Kiss

Paul Stanley by Kiss

Ace Frehley by Kiss

Electric Magic by Kiss

Monster by Kiss

The Originals by Kiss

Fried Alive! by Kiss

Blitz London by Kiss

Burning Hellfire In Kyoto by Kiss

MTV Unplugged by Kiss

Makin' Live In Nagoya by Kiss

Sneak Attack by Kiss

Diamonds In The Dust by Kiss

Second Kiss In Long Beach by Kiss

Alternate Destroyer by Kiss

Fast And Furious by Kiss

Ego's At Stake by Kiss

The Demos Of Rock by Kiss

The Palladium by Kiss

Unplugged by Kiss

You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!! by Kiss

The Beacon Theatre 1975 by Kiss

The Hottest Band In The Land ! by Kiss

Destroys Anaheim by Kiss

Alive: The Millennium Concert by Kiss

Heaven's On Fire by Kiss

More Metallic Mayhem! by Kiss

Other Voices by Kiss

Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions by Kiss

The Harder They Come! by Kiss

Destroyer (Resurrected) by Kiss

Zurich Monster City 2013 by Kiss

Even Weirder Than We Are by Kiss

Unmasked World Tour 1980 by Kiss

Destroys Anaheim Part 2 by Kiss

Down Under Again - Australia Unplugged 1995 by Kiss

Peter's Birthday Party by Kiss

The Kiss Of Death by Kiss

Creatures Of The Night (Vinnie Vincent Cover) by Kiss

Takes Tokyo ´77 - Part 1 by Kiss

Sneak Attack - Part 2 by Kiss

The Ritz On Fire 1988 Live Radio Broadcast by Kiss

Kiss Symphony: Alive IV by Kiss

Paris Rock City by Kiss

Carnival Of Souls / Head by Kiss

Takes Tokyo '77 by Kiss

Smashing Asses Over Tokyo, Japan Tour 1978 by Kiss

Hotter Than Metal by Kiss

Kiss My Axe 1978 by Kiss

Más Caliente Que El Infierno by Kiss

Amsterdam May 23, 1976 by Kiss

Karolina Strut by Kiss

Academy Of Music - New Years Eve by Kiss

They Only Come Out At Night by Kiss

Kiss Killers by Kiss

Alive In The Woods by Kiss

Cold Diamond by Kiss

4 Shows In A Judo Arena by Kiss

Nola by Kiss

O2 Academy, Islington UK by Kiss

En Vivo II by Kiss

Psycho Circus Live by Kiss

Rock 'N' Roll Over by Kiss

El Cañon Del Amor by Kiss

These Are The Demons Of Rock by Kiss

Blood & Fire by Kiss

Kill & Destroy by Kiss

Summer Tour ´76 by Kiss

The Tickler by Kiss

Mama Weer All Crazee Now - Kiss On Japan Tour 1977 by Kiss

Demos And Outtakes by Kiss

Rock And Roll Otra Vez (Rock And Roll Over) by Kiss

The Spirit Of Richfield by Kiss

Rock And Roll Over (Salvat Cover) by Kiss

Horny Bitches & Daisy Daze by Kiss

Heaven's On Fire Part II by Kiss

The Elder by Kiss

A Black Diamond by Kiss

Livin´The Dream by Kiss

Richfield Destroyers by Kiss

Walking Around The World by Kiss

Live At The Summit, Houston, Texas, Usa by Kiss

Revólver De Amor by Kiss

Heaven's On Fire Part I by Kiss

Alive II (Misprint Take Me Song) by Kiss

Animalizer's by Kiss

Alive II (En Vivo Vol 2) by Kiss

Carnival Of Souls by Kiss

Barabrize by Kiss

Alive (Having The Inner Gatefold From Alive II) by Kiss

Purple Bra by Kiss

Crazy Nights (Noches Locas) by Kiss

Hotter Than Hell In Paris by Kiss

The Greatest Band In The World by Kiss

Crazy Like A Fox by Kiss

One Night In A Empty Arena by Kiss


Nice Tits by Kiss

Live At The Gaumont by Kiss

Japan In The Can (The Hottest Band In The World Live!) by Kiss

Reunion The Out-Takes by Kiss

Don't You Love It Loud? by Kiss

Kiss My Ass (Animalize World Tour '84-'85) by Kiss

Purple Panties by Kiss

Light Years Ahead by Kiss

Universal Presents Gimme Kiss by Kiss

Nice Ass by Kiss

Collector's Edition (Lunch Box) by Kiss

Vivant by Kiss

Los Mayores by Kiss

Vintage Kiss Japan 1980 by Kiss

Genova Ahoy! by Kiss

Limited Edition Interview Picture Disc Set by Kiss

Creatures Of The Night (Criaturas Nocturnas) by Kiss

Rockin' At The Coliseum by Kiss

Face-Lift by Kiss

Unnecessary Evil by Kiss

10th Anniversary Tour by Kiss

Milano Rock City by Kiss

Cleveland 1974 by Kiss

Kiss (The Singles) by Kiss

Takes Tokyo ´77 - Part 2 by Kiss

Westwood One In Concert by Kiss

The Kiss Collection by Kiss

Kamikaze Kissing At Budakhan by Kiss

Sneak Attack - Part 1 by Kiss

The Evolution Of Kiss The Saga Continues by Kiss

The Evolution Of Kiss by Kiss

Rockandroleando Toda La Noche by Kiss

New York, New York by Kiss

Destroys Anaheim - Part 1 by Kiss

Kiss Takes Tokyo '77 by Kiss

The Louder They Are by Kiss

Still Krazy by Kiss

Montreal Canada 77 by Kiss

Fits Like A Glove by Kiss

Yahoo Live! - Charlotte/NC - 7/19/2014 by Kiss

Chikara by Kiss

Hellriders by Kiss

Dressed To Destroy by Kiss

Japan In The Can by Kiss

Kiss Karton by Kiss

Unholy / Framed by Kiss

O Rock De Kiss by Kiss

Dinastía by Kiss

Home Sweden Home by Kiss

Rock'n'roll over by Kiss

Livin´ The Dream! by Kiss

Wicked Lester & Progeny Demo Sessions by Kiss